Month: 19th March 2013

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Nvidia launches branded GRID appliance for VDI

The company said that its GRID Visual Compute Appliance (VCA) system would offer the security and accessibility benefits of VDI while maintaining high-end graphics performance for small firms in the design and media spaces. The appliance combines a pair of Intel Xeon processors with eight Nvidia GRID graphics cards, each equipped with a pair of[...]
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PFDAVADMIN – “Could Not Expand” Error

“Use the Exchange Server Public Folder Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV)-based Administration tool (PFDAVAdmin) to perform various management tasks related to public folders and mailboxes. The tool checks the permissions status of each public and mailbox folder and corrects any problems found. The ability to bulk export/import the permissions and replica lists make this tool[...]
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