The Sticky Note Tool in Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional allows you to create a virtual sticky note with a comment in regards to the PDF. This sticky note can be placed anywhere in the document and will alert a reader to click on it.


  • Start Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and open a PDF that you would like to add a comment to through the use of a sticky note.
  • Choose the “Sticky Note” button on the “Comment & Markup” toolbar. Your cursor will turn into a corner with a quote bubble underneath.
  • Click on the area in the PDF document that you want to add the sticky note. This is where the icon that will indicate there is a sticky note will be placed.
  • Place your mouse in the white area inside the sticky note and click to place your cursor there. Use your keyboard to type the comment you would like to add inside the sticky note.
  • Click the minimize button at the top right corner of the sticky note to minimize the sticky note.
  • Hover your mouse over the sticky note to view the comment within the sticky note or click on it to open up the full-version of the stick note.
  • Move the sticky note to a new location if you would like by clicking and dragging the sticky note icon to a new location and releasing the mouse when you get to the new location