Anchored objects

Anchored objects are items, such as images or text boxes,  attached or anchored to specific text.
The anchored object stays  with the text containing the anchor as the text reflows.
Use anchored objects for all objects that you want associated with a line or block of text
You can create an anchored object by pasting or placing an object (or frame) into text using the Type tool or by using the Insert Anchored Object command.
When you place the object, an anchor marker is made at the insertion point.
Anchored objects inherit the rotation and skew attributes of the text frame they are anchored to , but you can select the object and change these attributes.
anchored objects can be created in the below positions:
Aligns the anchored object with the baseline of the insertion point.
You may alter the Y Offset to position the object above or below the baseline.
This is the default type of anchored object.  And we called  inline graphics in earlier versions of InDesign,
Places the anchored object in a position you define in the Anchored Object Options dialog box.
You may place the object anywhere inside or outside the text frame
Above Line
Places the anchored object above the line with alignment options of:
Left, Center, Right, Away From Spine, Towards Spine and Text Alignment (which is the alignment applied to the paragraph that holds the anchor marker)
You can use inline and above line positioned objects with type on a path.