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Selling on Amazon Marketplace

Selling on Amazon Marketplace
Amazon Marketplace
If you have something to sell-even if it’s just a used book or CD, camera, iPod etc then the Amazon Marketplace is a great place to sell them 
Marketplace items are listed in the Marketplace store.
You ship the item to the customer.
You pay to list an item in the Marketplace and then pay Amazon a percentage of the final selling price.
Each listing lasts for 60 days.
Fee Guidelines:
Individual sellers
Individuals selling at Marketplace pay a GBP 0.86 per item completion fee, plus a closing fee of 17.25% of the sales price (11.5% for Electronics & Photo items) for each item sold.
Pro-merchant subscribers
Pro-merchant subscribers pay one monthly fee of GBP 28.75 plus the closing fee of 17.25% of the sales price (8.05% for Electronics & Photo items).
Variable Closing Fee on delivery charges
Delivery charges are collected from the buyer at the time of purchase, at pre-set rates. We take a Variable Closing Fee and pass the rest on to you as postage credit. The Variable Closing Fee depends on the delivery charge collected from the buyer. See the table below for Variable Closing Fees on buyer delivery charges, starting at 16p up to £1.53. 


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