BY Bryan M. Wolfe on Sun September 11th, 2011
Apple has posted an announcement on their News and Announcements for Apple Developers RSS feed asking iOS developers to get apps ready for iCloud backup and restore. The announcement, which was posted on Friday, indicates that the long-awaited debut of iOS 5 and iCloud is imminent.
The launch of iCloud is a significant one for Apple, which hopes to bring cloud computing to the masses. First announced in June, the product will compete directly with Dropbox and SugarSync. However, unlike those services, iCloud is fully integrated into iOS 5 allowing users to sync photos, music, and documents, among other goodies.
We fully expect iOS 5, iCloud, and yes, the iPhone 5, to debut this month or next. Consider Apple’s public plea to developers to begin using its iCloud service a step in that direction.
Of course, until Apple confirms this, we are ultimately left with rumors and the occasional leak from an iOS developer.