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Upload Photos to Flickr from Picasa

Upload Photos to Flickr from Picasa You cant use Picasa to upload photos to Flickr, but there is a tool you can use to allow you to do this Picasa2Flickr adds a ‘Send To Flickr’ button to Picasa. Click it, and authorize so you can upload your photos from Picasa straight to Flickr Picasa.

Create a gift CD in Picasa with selected photos

Gift CD with only selected Photos When creating Gift CDs in Picasa: you can only add an entire folder to a gift CD, not particular photos. But there is a work around: Do this for photos you don’t want to be included in the gift CD: Right Click on the photos you want to exclude and select Hide from the menu that appears. When this is done press the Gift CD…

Picasa Keyboard Short cuts for MAC

Picasa Keyboard Short cuts for MAC Shortcuts for selecting photos Command-A: Select all photos in a folder/album Command-D: Deselect photos Control-I: Invert photo selection fn-left arrow: Select the first photo in your folder/album fn-right arrow: Select the last photo in your folder/album Control-O: Choose a file on your computer to display in Picasa.   Shortcuts for editing photos Command-3: Open an image in ‘Edit Mode’ Control-R: Rotate the image clockwise…