How to

get a Refund from eBay If Your Buyer Doesn’t Pay

Every now and then you get a winning bidder who doesn’t pay meaning you did not get paid, are left with an unsold item and you owe eBay the insertion and final value fees.
You can get a refund on your final value fee if you report this to eBay.
The procedure is:
File a Non-Paying Bidder Alert between 7 and 45 days after the end of the auction.
You file this alert by going to the Site Map page and clicking the Request Final Value Fee Credit link.
After the Non-Paying Bidder Alert is filed, you have to wait another 10 days before you can request a refund of your final value fee.
You MUSTrequest the refund
To do this go to the Site Map page and click the Final Value Fee Request link.