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J700 Group is one of the leading Emergency IT Support Companies in Astley, Greater Manchester

Fast IT Emergency Support, On-Site, over the Phone or Remote

Do you have an IT emergency?  If so give J700 Group a call.

If something happened to your ServersNetwork or Comms or there is an issue with your business IT systems you need IT Service who have all the IT expertise required to diagnose and put right your IT Issues quickly.

Don’t hesitate to call us and one of our IT experts will talk through your issue and if possible help to resolve either on the phone or remotely.  If the issue requires a visit to your business, we will dispatch one of our technicians onto the site to deal with your IT emergency

Our experienced IT technicians at J700 Group will do all they can to keep your important business IT system functioning whilst they work to identify your IT problem and resolve your IT Emergency

Rest assured you can depend on J700 Group to get to the bottom of your IT issue, no matter when you encounter an IT emergency and even if you are not currently in a service contract with us.

J700 Group Rapid Response Emergency Technology Services and Solutions When You require them most

Serious issues with your IT systems or infrastructure can have severe consequences to your business and the longer they are down or offline, the greater the cost can be

Contact us and one of our IT experts will be available to help with your IT emergency

Your Business Can trust in J700 Groups Fast Emergency IT Response and Technical Support so if your business requires emergency IT assistance act now and give us a call NOW ON 01706 298080 OR click below, every second counts, the longer you are offline, the more it is costing your business in lost productivity, potentially lost orders, and staff downtime, so don’t hesitate to call


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What makes J700 Group different from other Emergency IT Support Companies?


We build business relationships on Trust, Integrity & Reliability.

Add Value

We aim to add value at every stage and go the extra mile

Improve Business Performance

We improve the business performance of our clients



We aim to prevent IT issues from occurring & solve them immediately if they do


We strive to totally understand our clients’ business and IT requirements


We provide the right advice, guidance and service delivery

Case Studies

Cloud Hosted Email
Digital Signage
Office 365
Software Development

J700 can assist with all of your Information Technology Issues including but not limited to:

Hardware failure

Server Failure

CRM corruption

Network connectivity failures

Malware Attacks or Security Breaches

Data loss or theft

Disaster Recovery

Hard Drive Failures

Email Issues

Website Offline

Database Errors

DNS Issues

DHCP Issues

Firewall Problems

Phone System Failures

Internet Issues

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Our expert, friendly team is waiting for your call, remove your IT headaches and call them today for a no-obligation discussion.

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