Facebook suffered technical issues on Friday causing its second outage in two months and affecting users worldwide.

The major service disruption meant users were greeted with an error message stating little more than “sorry, something went wrong”, when the social media giant, which serves over 1.3 billion users across the globe, became unexpectedly inaccessible for an unconfirmed amount of time.

While initial reports on Twitter appeared around 5 pm, the service is back up and running in the UK by 6 pm.

Facebook’s brief message apologised for the outage and said its team was “working on getting this fixed as soon as possible”.

The site’s Platform Status Page said, “Facebook is currently experiencing an issue that is affecting all API and web surfaces. Our engineers detected the issue quickly and are working to resolve it ASAP. We’ll update shortly.”

The company had also reported that it was having API issues on Wednesday.

“We had an increased rate of errors for the Graph API at 18:01-18:14 (PDT) today,” Facebook noted. “We reverted the change that caused the issue and we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”
Facebook is yet to say why the downtime occurred.

During the outage, “#facebookdown” was a trending topic in the US, according to the microblogging company, proving the extent of concern among users over the outage.
Some of the top Tweets joked about the outage, including one from @thetweetofgod, which said, “Attention world: #facebookdown. Please remain calm and do not attempt to interact with human beings”.