(Windows or Linux)

You must be in the 3D viewer in order for these controls to take effect.

Click anywhere in the 3D viewer to change focus

Zoom inScroll wheel, + key, PgUp keyZooms the viewer in. Tip: to use the ‘Page Up’ key, make sure ‘Num Lock’ on your keyboard is off.
Zoom outScroll wheel, – key (both keyboard and numpad), PgDn keyZooms the viewer out. Tip: to use the ‘Page Down’ key, make sure ‘Num Lock’ on your keyboard is off.
Show/hide Overview windowCTRL + MDisplays or closes overview window.
Move downDown arrowMoves the viewer in the direction of the arrow.
Tilt upShift + left mouse button + drag down, Shift + down arrowTilts the viewer toward “horizon” view.
Tilt downShift + left mouse button + drag up, Shift + up arrowTilts the viewer toward “top-down” view.
LookCTRL + left mouse button + dragPerspective points in another direction, as if you are turning your head up, down, left or right.
Zoom + automatic tiltRight mouse button + drag up or downZooms the viewer in and automatically tilts your view as you approach ground level.
Stop current motionSpacebarWhen the viewer is in motion, stops movement
Reset view to “north – up”nRotates view so that view is ‘n‘orth-up.
Reset tilt to “top-down” viewuResets angle to view scene in “top-down” or “‘u‘p” mode.
Reset tilt and compass view to defaultrR‘esets angle to view “top-down” and rotates to “north-up” view. Use this feature to orient the earth in the center of the viewer.

To move more slowly for most of the above use the ALT key in combination with most of these keystrokes