In a peculiar move, accessory maker Case-Mate briefly posted renderings of a new line of cases for the Apple’s next iPhone, which has not yet been announced by the company.
Included in the renderings were depictions of Apple’s next device, which was shown as having a rounded aluminum backing, similar to the iPad 2’s design.
The accessory gallery was pulled down shortly after its discovery, BGR reports.  In its place, the old gallery page redirects to a page where users can sign up  to be notified when Case-Mate will be providing cases for the new device, be it  an “iPhone 5” or “iPhone 4S.”
A Case-Mate spokeswoman declined to comment on the gallery.
Curiosity over whether Apple plans to make dramatic changes to the iPhone’s design continues, with reports dueling over the details. For months, there has been talk of Apple moving to a larger screen size and new materials, with others saying simply that Apple is rolling out a version that will be nearly identical to the iPhone 4 model, with a speedier processor, a new camera, and improved networking equipment. There have also been reports of Apple debuting both such models at once, using the 4S as a low-cost option in emerging markets.
In a related report, MacRumors points to a new screen cover making the rounds that was supposedly designed for  Apple’s next iPhone. It comes in as larger than the iPhone 4 with a bigger,  rectangular home button, reviving speculation that Apple intends to change what has been an iconic fixture on its iOS devices.
Apple is expected to take the wraps off the next iPhone possibly by the end of this month, with a launch to follow in early October. Recent reports have suggested manufacturers, including China’s Foxconn Electronics, have already been at work producing the device, with others saying Apple is putting the finishing touches on iOS 5, which is expected to debut alongside the new hardware.

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