By IBTimes Staff Reporter | September 11, 2011
While Apple’s next generation iPhone aka iPhone 5 is not yet officially announced, growing rumors are indicating an early October release. Along with the rumors, various questions are also surfacing around the most highly anticipated smartphone from Apple. One of these questions is about whether the iPhone 5 will also come in white.
Let’s go back a little. When Apple launched the iPhone 4 last year, it came in the original black version. Soon after the launch, Apple made an announcement saying that a white version of the iPhone 4 would soon hit the stores. But the phone did not arrive within the promised timeframe. Customers had to wait a year for the lighter-toned smartphone.
On the delayed arrival of the white iPhone 4, Apple said that due to problems with the white coating on the casing, it took a year for the phone to get delivered. One may think that the Cupertino-based tech giant does not want to undergo the same issues again. Well, it does seem to have mastered the process. The upcoming device is proof of the company learning from its earlier mistakes.
Now consider the iPad 2. Launched in March this year, the second generation iPad was one of the hottest gadgets to ever hit stores. Apple fans thought that the iPad would only come in its original color. But contrary to the expectations, a white version of the device appeared soon. Although it was thought that the company would have problems with white-colored iPad, the firm has seemed to sort out the issue. This makes it authentic that the imminent iPhone 5 will also be available in white as well.
Meanwhile, adding to the rumor mill of the iPhone 5, it seems that the UK carrier Vodafone could have accidentally leaked information about storage capacity and colour for the next iPhone. In a product listing for the Vodafone Sure Signal on its website, it has implied that the iPhone 5 will be available in both black and white, with capacities of 16GB and 32GB.
The listing can possibly be a typo. But it did mention four iPhone 5 models, in addition the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and even the iPhone 3G first released in 2008, Apple Insider reported.
Even though there is no firm way to confirm whether the lighter-toned version of the iPhone 4 successor will be coming or not, earlier devices from Apple do compel us to make a calculated guess that we will see a white iPhone 5.