Apple has rolled out another update for its iOS software to counter a security flaw that had been uncovered putting owners of its devices at risk.
This iOS 6.1.3 update, available from Tuesday, is designed to target a security vulnerability that came to light in February that allowed users to bypass the lock screen setting on devices and access the phone.
Users found that when the emergency call screen is accessed and cancelled a number of times while holding down the iPhone’s power button, the iOS home screen could eventually be accessed without the need to enter the log-in code. The process was tested and confirmed a number of times to prove it could work.
To access the update, go to the ‘General’ section in the ‘Settings’ menu of the iPhone and then choose ‘Software Update’.
A secondary part of the update, and of interest to a limited sub-section of iOS users, is an improvement to the firm’s Maps software in Japan.
The incident serves as a reminder that although iOS is more secure than Android by virtue of Apple’s iron grip on what can be installed, it can be vulnerable to security issues and users should protect and update their devices accordingly.