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On January 14th, 2020 Microsoft will end support for the Windows 7 Operating System.

This is known in tech terms as end-of-life for the software.

What does this mean and how should businesses prepare for Windows 7 End of Life?

 What Does The End of Support Mean?    

End of support doesn’t mean that Windows 7 will just stop working in January 2020.

However, the end of support means that Microsoft will stop developing the product, which most importantly means there will be NO more security updates.

From 15th January 2020 all technical assistance and automatic updates that help protect your PCs will not be available for Windows 7.

Staying with Windows 7 means your business will be very vulnerable to viruses and attacks.

Microsoft “strongly recommends that you move to Windows 10 sometime before January 2020 to avoid a situation where you need service or support that is no longer available.”

Why Is This A Problem?

Windows 7 was one of Microsoft’s best-loved computing operating systems and most of us are still using it.

According to NetMarketShare’s September 2018 data, 40.88% are still using Windows 7 – compared to the 37.44% who have moved on to the latest operating system, Windows 10.

Windows 7 will eventually reach the end of its lifecycle, making an upgrade essential for the safety of your PC.

An upgrade is also essential to prevent your computer/devices still on Windows 7 plus all the information stored on them being open to attack, virus and data theft.

What Can Your Business Do Prepare For Windows 7 End of Life?

Identify all your machines that are running the Windows 7 Operating System.

Once you know how many machines are running windows 7 you need to think about upgrading to Windows 10 or replacing your PC`s and or servers.

As the minimum specs for a Windows 10 PC are not too high so the vast majority older machines will be able to run Windows 10.


Whilst upgrading is an option, Windows 7 end of life may be a good opportunity to put together an IT plan and start to replace older hardware.

January 2020 may seem like a very long time away, it is less than 12 months away.

It’s important to start PLANNING & start THINKING about your PC`s and systems now and start planning so you and your business data are not left vulnerable.

That’s where we at J700 Group can help.  We can review your current systems and computers, then work with you to formulate an IT plan to ensure your business and its data stay safe and secure and make sure your business remains operational and secure

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