The New MacBook Air – Future Technology Made Available Today

Have you ever thought of what laptops of the future will look like? Ultra-thin and light-weight, made of eco-friendly materials, featuring increased functionality and stable work that is free of errors and hang-ups. Actually, there is no need to imagine that. Since yesterday, you may see it with your eyes and actually own one.

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On October 20, Apple officially announced the release of a new MacBook Air that introduces an utterly innovative concept of the portable computer. The latest model combines the best features of Apple’s mobile devices, iPad and iPhone, with laptop technology of the brand. Aside from an impressive design (it still is “the world’s thinnest notebook“), it features a ground-breaking technology that is sure to determine the future of the laptops.

Let’s take a closer look at the new MacBook Air hardware characteristics:

1) In that model, the traditional rotating hard drive is replaced with solid state flash technology that delivers a better and smoother performance.

2) Just as well as in all of the previous models of MacBook Air, there is no optical drive. You may use an external one. This is due to Apple’s belief that soon the functions of optical drive will be replaced by the variety of similar Internet services.

3) Supplied with flash storage, the laptop uses Intel Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphic card and 2 GB of RAM to deliver the fastest response. (4GB RAM is optional).

4) Usability is made more impressive due to a fully-functional notebook keyboard. Plus you can perform a variety of tasks on images due to Multi-Touch™ trackpad.

5) Thanks to a speedy Wi-fi connection, you’ll be able to download multimedia content from iTunes and use other cutting–edge online technologies to store and share your data.

6) New MacBook Air battery features up to 7 hours of wireless productivity and can be recharged for 1000 times. Afterward, you will get it replaced for just $129 and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Last, but not least, Apple has exceeded itself in creating the external design of the device. Slim and solid, it will win your heart with its elegant looks and unbelievably low weight. New MacBook Air is available in 13 inch and 11-inch versions each weighing respectively 2.3 (1.04 kg) and 2.9 pounds (1.32 kg).

The laptop is available for purchase at Apple Store (, Apple’s retails stores and the network of Apple’s authorized resellers.

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