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IT Infrastructure

Managing a server or multiple servers can be both difficult and time-consuming, it also requires specialist technical knowledge.

Whether you are an expert or new to the world of servers it is time you could use to focus on your business.

If you decide to leave the management of your server to J700 Group, you can use the additional time to focus on the success and growth of your business.

The J700 Group Team will take care of your complicated server administration tasks such as security, backup restoration, server migration, issue troubleshooting, operating system updates service optimization, and much more.


We support Servers, Computer Networks and Business Software for businesses just like yours across the whole of the North West, providing expert customer service and peace of mind

Our Ongoing Server Support Packages include:

24/7 automated monitoring

Our server experts continually monitor all your critical servers and services.

If any issues are discovered including non-responsive issues or an underperforming service, we will look into this straight away and we will take action to remedy all before you would usually notice there is a problem.

Server updates

To protect against malware we will protect your servers by regularly updating your software to the latest versions.  Out of date and vulnerable software can allow malware access to your systems.

Security monitoring

Our responsive monitoring system will alert us if it detects any spam, DoS or brute force, attacks on your server.

We will look at your server, to investigate the issue, if required we will block and blacklist the IPs where the breach is coming from and strengthen the server’s defenses against the attack.  We will ensure your systems and services remain secure.


Backups can fail for many different reasons, including high server load, power failures; network errors, disk space issues, and many other issues.  This is exactly why we monitor the backup process and act if any issues or indeed any failures are detected

This ensures your business will always have a reliable backup just in case the worst happens and you need a server restoring for any reason 


Disaster Recovery

Every business can have a bad we want to protect you against them!  If the worst case happens and your server gets attacked or goes down, J700 Group is here to support you.

We will work hard and get your server back online and restore the latest backup.

Security Review & Audits

We will regularly audit your server for any security issues that may have been uncovered by recently discovered bugs. We will also review and increase your server security as and when necessary based on any new attacks reported.

Optimising Speed

We will audit your services regularly to detect performance bottlenecks we also monitor of repeated performance issues on your server.  J700 Group will implement the required changes to ensure your servers continue to operate at their very best.

Personal response to issues

Each alert from your server is inspected by a J700 Group Technician.  We detect server issues long before it affects your business.  For example, if we see the server load is increasing we will take action straight away.

Emergency Threats

We are always on the lookout for new threats.  J700 Group quickly implement a hotfix until an official patch is ready then install patches to your servers as soon as they are available

Server Improvements and Protection

When you use J700 Group, we will review your servers including your firewall settings, virus protection, network settings, and service configurations to name just a few.

We will then if necessary reconfigure the server to increase its protection and stability

Operating systems support

No matter what server platform you use, or the operating system you, it is more than likely we already support it.

We go the extra mile every day 24/7 to give our customers the very best experience possible

We deliver the best IT solutions to keep your services fast, stable & secure.

We will work constantly and tirelessly towards your success by utilising our decades of experience together with our team of Computer experts.

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