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Ebay -Get a Refund If Your Buyer Doesn’t Pay

How to get a Refund from eBay If Your Buyer Doesn’t Pay Every now and then you get a winning bidder who doesn’t pay meaning you did not get paid, are left with an unsold item and you owe eBay the insertion and final value fees. You can get a refund on your final value fee if you report this to eBay. The procedure is: File a Non-Paying Bidder Alert…

Using Music on YouTube Videos

Music on YouTube If you want to use somebody else’s music, be sure to get the rights. Dont take the risk of being shut down. Find the appropriately Creative Commons licensed music or get permission. If you are using music in your video, and you are not sure of the licencing, then once you have uploaded your video use the “AudioSwap” tool on your My Videos page.