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What Is Untangle

About Untangle
Untangle, a network software company, provides a new breed of multi-function firewall and Internet management applications that are optimized for the unique needs of smaller organizations. With a free multi-function firewall at its core and a suite of Internet management applications, Untangle’s superior solutions are available at the Industry’s lowest cost, and are easy-to-deploy and manage. Untangle’s proven network software solutions are installed across 25,000 organizations, protecting more than 1.5 million people and their computers. The company’s innovative open source approach takes the cost out of Internet management and with its try-before-you-buy approach organizations can now take control of their network within minutes and at no risk. Untangle is located in San Mateo, California.
Untangle now offers three distinct packages:
Untangle Lite Package
(Formerly called Open Source Package)
The Untangle Lite package provides a collection of free, open-source software applications that run on the Untangle Server. It is an entry-level multi-functional firewall, ideal for the technically savvy. It is available free at http://www.untangle.com/lite-package.
Untangle Standard Package
The Untangle Standard Package combines Untangle’s free, open-source software applications, with additional user and policy management capabilities, live technical support from Untangle, and a robust web content filter. It is ideal for budget-conscious organizations that need tight management and control of their internet usage.
A free 14-day trial is available at http://www.untangle.com/standard-package.
Untangle Premium Package
The Untangle Premium Package delivers all available software and services from Untangle in a single offering, including enhanced network security and protection, better SPAM blocking, robust web content filtering and multiple ISP management. It is ideal for small-to-medium sized organizations that want complete protection, monitoring and control of their network.
A free 14-day trial is available at http://www.untangle.com/premium-package.
Untangle continues to support the education, government and non-profit communities, by offering aggressive educational pricing on both it Standard and Premium packages.
For more information, visit http://www.untangle.com/ or call (866) 233-2296.

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