Nvidia launches branded GRID appliance for VDI

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Nvidia launches branded GRID appliance for VDI

The company said that its GRID Visual Compute Appliance (VCA) system would offer the security and accessibility benefits of VDI while maintaining high-end graphics performance for small firms in the design and media spaces.
The appliance combines a pair of Intel Xeon processors with eight Nvidia GRID graphics cards, each equipped with a pair of Tegra GPUs. Combined with I/O and on board memory, the VCA will offer a complete system capable of hosting up to 16 concurrent user connections simultaneously.
Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang said that when combined with client software compatible with OS X, Windows and Android systems, the VCA is able to offer portable and hosted workstations for entire office environments while maintaining solid graphics performance.
“As many people as you have can be connected, all they need is this little client,” Huang said.
“All they see is the pixels, and it is doing it so fast that you think the pixels are being generated by your own computer.”
Nvidia hopes that the appliance, which fits a standard rack unit, will help to simplify the process of configuring and managing remote workstations.
Because each workstation requires a single client which can be accessed across multiple platforms, employees can work on their own devices and in multiple locations without restrictions on applications or hardware limitations.
“It is a bit like a network storage appliance,” Huang explained, “you buy the device and it comes with all the software.”
The company said that the first VCA units will ship to the US in May. Details on international availability were not given.
In addition to launching its own GRID appliance, Nvidia said that it is working with other server and networking vendors to add support for the visual computing platform for their VDI boxes and appliances. Partner vendors include HP, Dell and Cisco.


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