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J700 Group Limited was formed in 2015 (but had previously traded under a different name since 2003), we provide IT Services to businesses across the North West and have numerous prestigious clients. Our Managing Director has over 22 years experience working in senior IT positions across numerous sectors, and uses this knowledge to help and advise companies on their IT strategy. We have the experience in house to support any size business from a sole trader, to companies with over 1000 users. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to support most IT Systems and software including, but not limited to VMWare, Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, Netgear, Dell, HP, Epson, Adobe, Nimble, Synology to name a few. We would love to work with you, so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements, or for any questions you may have.

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Active Directory relies on accurate time settings on all member servers, Domain Controllers, and domain-joined workstations. When time settings are misconfigured, multiple critical Active Directory services such as replication and Kerberos authentication will fail bringing the entire Active Directory infrastructure to its knees. The following five time facts for Active Directory were copied from – […]

To route email for a specific domain to a remote server on WHM using Exim:   Go to Exim Advanced Config Editor and add the following under the PREROUTERS section   special: driver = manualroute transport = remote_smtp route_list = domain1.com somesmtp.com; domain2.com somesmtp2.com   Where domain1.com is your domain and somesmtp.com is the address […]

Problem: VMware reports: A general system error occurred: cannot read the host cache configuration because some other process is modifying it at this time Operation failed, diagnostics report: Cannot read the host cache configuration because some other process is modifying it at this time. ls -alh /tmp shows the tmp folder as being full with ql_ima.log […]