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We provide complete managed Business IT and technology solutions, including 24 / 7 monitoring and a maintenance schedule that is proactive, so we can detect problems before they become an issue.  We also provide network administration and technology consulting services.

We’ll get to know your business inside out so we can recommend technology that will effectively address your unique business needs.

We have over 20 years experience supporting companies in Burnley with their

IT and Technology Solutions.

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We want to work with your business, and we will spend time understanding how you work, to enable us to give you the best possible support.


We can recommend technologies to improve productivity and save time, with the ultimate end goal of saving you money and enabling you to increase turnover and be more profitable.


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IT Services Burnley

Here at J700 Group we provide a full and comprehensive range of fully managed IT services to companies in Burnley including:

IT Support Burnley

Server Support Burnley

Business Servers Burnley

Computer Security Burnley

Managed Anti Virus Burnley

Cloud Email Burnley

Network Support Burnley

Website Hosting Burnley

Data Backup Burnley

Telecommunications & VoIP Burnley

Managed IT Support Burnley

Data Recovery Burnley

IT Consultant Burnley

IT Services Burnley

IT Infrastructure Burnley

Should my business Outsource IT Support?

Deciding to either outsource your IT support or keep it in-house is a difficult choice for any business.

J700 Group has over 20 years’ experience in providing excellent IT support and consultancy services to businesses just like yours.

Below is some information to help assist you and to give you something to consider when deciding if outsourcing your IT Support is the correct choice for your business.

Lack of In-House Knowledge, Skill or Expertise

Your businesses IT needs will increase and decrease throughout the year.  You may not have sufficient work for a dedicated person or team.

Perhaps you are a small company and you do not have the office space or management time to run an IT Technician, Manager or IT Team

A companies IT systems are integral to the smooth operation of any business.  Businesses are becoming more reliant on IT Systems.  So if there are no experts on hand if you have an IT Emergency or a critical failure in your IT Systems, IT Infrastructure, Email or software packages you may need to resort to costly emergency support or you may struggle to find the expert assistance you require

Using J700 Group for your outsourced IT support, you can contact our team of IT technicians whenever you need IT assistance of any type

Our experts are always available to monitor systems and help solve any problem you may encounter.

J700 Group offers a number of different remote monitoring packages that keep a constant eye on your systems and alert us if they notice any issues.  This is known as Proactive Support, resolving issues BEFORE they affect your business ……READ MORE